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"Your new favourite bookshop"

Hand picked books delivered to your door every month


A bit about subscriptions

Every aspect of Libreria is designed to help you discover new books and ideas, and encourage interdisciplinary thinking. 


Now you can have this Libreria experience delivered right to your door, with our subscription service. 


Subscription members will receive a handpicked & wrapped book every month, with a small card offering an overview of the selection. You can browse previous selections here on



All UK subscriptions  – £14.49pm


All international subscriptions – £20.00pm


Child (8-12 years) - £12.49pm

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time (Send us an email to and cancel your direct debit with your bank at least two weeks before your next delivery).


To Subscribe - first, fill out the form below;













Thanks! Your now signed up. Please register your direct debit to complete your purchase.

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