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Huma Qureshi’s debut novel takes us into the seemingly ordinary lives of sisters Hanna and Mira. Hana works as a lawyer and, although her life seems ideal, she has a deep desire to become a mother, an idea her husband is not that excited about. Mira is a playwright/barista and, after hearing Hana and her husband argue, gets inspired and writes a play (kind of) about it. 


Playing Games affirms the Qureshi’s skillful ability in capturing the nuances in the relationships between characters that are driven by love but don’t always know how to express it. The characters are imagined with thoughtfulness and consideration: they are flawed but tender. Despite their struggles to communicate openly and to reveal themselves to each other in an honest way, Mira and Hana care about each other deeply and, in their own ways, they hold each other through life.

Playing Games; Huma Qureshi

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